About Us

Labor SRB was founded in 2015 when it builds the  first hall for primary woodworking.

The production for primary woodworking is equipped with the latest technology of the high quality wood industry and production capacity. It has an area of 3000m2 and currently employs over 40 workers who every year saw over 7000m3 of oak “Luznjak and Kitnjak”.


The department for the preparation and sharpening of band saw blades was also opened with the production for the first woodworking.


In 2018 the company expanded its capabilities with a new pre-finished floor production. With Italian Know How and technology and Serbian raw material, we have found the recipe for the perfect product, the product that  we are all proud of and on which more than 60 people work every day.



Today the Labor SRB expands on a surface of 6ha, with 8000m2 of covered and with the drying capacity of 300m3.